Button wary of Red Bull threat

In most racing season, most would feel that the bigger and richer teams would eventually catch up and teams like Brawn GP or Red Bull Racing would succumb to the pressure but not in F1. It seems that this season is all about the 2 new rookie teams and Button is looking very positive to keep his place at the top.

But that has all slowed down with Red Bull Racing in the podium finish in the last 3 races while Brawn only managed points. Although Button still holds an 18.5 points lead, he knows that there is still a lot of work left to be done to keep his closest challengers at bay.

He said "When you have the opportunity you have to take it. This opportunity is the best I have had in Formula One by far and you have to take it. There might not be an opportunity again. It's got be head down focusing on getting the best out of the car every race we go to. At the moment I am leading the world championship, which is a great position to be in, but the last three races for us have been a little bit more difficult than we expected. We can put it all down to the cooler climates. Even in Hungary the circuit was a lot cooler on Sunday than it was earlier in the week. But it is down to us to make the car work in those cold conditions, that is what we need to work out and solve. If we don't solve those issues we are going to be gobbled up by the Red Bulls because they seem to be working in hot and cold weather."

The Brawn GP team almost did not make it into the championship after Honda Racing pulled out of the competition before it started this season leaving Button and Barrichello without a team and engine. Button, whose career must have been saved by the team added that "We have the money and resources to achieve great things but everyone is moving so quickly we need to keep up. We've been through more difficult times so we can solve these problems for sure. We have just got to stay relaxed and make sure we get back to the front, which we will in Valencia. We need to beat the Red Bulls. We can't sit around and collect points, it is not enough."

And if that is not enough, the fact that Michael Schumacher is returning to race for Ferrari might just be a new headache for Button but he believe that the competition is healthy. "It's good for the sport but it's difficult to know how to feel about it because of Massa's situation. He is coming back because Felipe Massa has had a big accident so that is where the sadness comes from. But for Ferrari to still have Michael on the books is fantastic for them. Michael will be straight on the pace, he is going to be there for sure. Don't expect him to be sitting around at the back."