Calls for RTD to abolish all irrelevant red tapes

Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Abdullah, the director-general of PSD (Public Service Department) has called on the RTD (Road Transport Department) to look into improving their service by first abolishing the irrelevant red tapes and procedures which are time consuming. He said that there is a need for the RTD to become more efficient and effective in providing their services to the customers in today’s market.

Abu Bakar was speaking to the media after he visited the RTD counters in Kuala Lumpur where he added that all the irrelevant red tapes required by the RTD need to either be simplified, be sped up, be reduced or abolished for the transaction processes and this would be possible where the RTD could start discussions to identify what needs to be done.

The director-general said that this is because the RTD personnel are the most appropriate people as they know what could be changed and what sort of action is needed for such implementation. He also called on the department to look into tightening some of the regulations in order to increase the implementation’s effectiveness. He cited the example of foreigners who are allowed to use their country of origin’s driving license here should be required to obtain a Malaysia’s license. On top of that, he also suggested that RTD should start implementing the much talked about automatic transmission driving test as there are more people driving automatic cars currently.