Caractere gives Audi Q5 lovers another choice of style and elegance

Caractere’s Q5 version comes with an all round new design which includes a new rear spoiler, front bumpers, a rear hatch blend as well as a roof spoiler. One thing for sure the sheer quality of these parts, which is made from PURim means that Caractere was not thinking about aesthetics alone but do consider the performance that these enhancements are out to achieve. So it is not only looks which you are set to get but would include an all round performance as well.

For one, the front bumper has been designed in such a way that it flows cooler air into the engine bay while on the other side, the rear and roof spoilers adds on to the aerodynamics of the car. Bigger tyres will mean better handling and more stable rides especially when it comes to SUV which can be higher than normal sedans.

Set to be launched in October this year, Caractere’s version of the Q5 is set to compete with ABT Sportsline’s version of their Q5 and will definitely appeal more to the American market as Caractere is making minimal changes to the engine and more on the looks while ABT changes the engine and the body work in total. The Caractere Q5 also definitely looks less aggressive and as such would entice those of you who don’t want to be too ‘loud’ about your ride.

Although the kit has yet to make ways into Malaysia, and the fact that the ABT version will be available coupled with the fact that we Malaysians do like our cars louder and faster (you can get the ABT Sportsline version through Cartrade-ABT) the Caractere version would be one nice car to have if you want to be unique and different from the pack. Well, at least, this version doe not over-kill.