Cars like the Suzuki Regina Concept should go into production

Now this would be something that is not of this world. And we mean it from all angles. From the design to the insides and surely the performance as well.


The Suzuki Regina Concept, which was put on show at the recent Toyota Motor Show comes with a white roof and some very cool green shades. Suzuki is keeping the specs of this wonder close but rumour has it that the Regina will be powered up by a 800cc gasoline turbocharged engine. If that is how future cars look like, these are exciting times indeed.

As with modern cars go, this is very much about the design. It weighs only 730kg and is able to go up to 75 miles per gallon. As it is going to be the car of the future, eco-friendliness is the word of the day and this is where you will get the regenerative braking technology as well as the start-stop system which is quite the de facto in hybrids these days.

According to Suzuki, this represents the future of how the compact car should be which will be fuel efficient and low CO2 emission. Focusing on minimizing the weight of the car thereby minimizing energy consumption, they have created this wonderful beauty that has a fuel economy of at least 32km per liter and 70g/km in terms of CO2 emission.