Chana EV6 and EM8 are the most economical models around

Chana, if you haven’t already know is one of the China automotive brands and it has since been doing very well in the economical market segment here. While you might be a bit skeptical about the price and where it comes from, Chana cars are pretty good really. Their pricing is one of their best selling points with local manufacturers like Proton and Perodua cars getting more competitive in terms of pricing these days.

The company assembles and distributes Chana vehicles in Malaysia launched both the models last year and are targeted for those who are typically first time buyers as well as those who are looking for an economical and practical solution. Those who own small businesses too would like these models which according to Chana is a cool combination of Italian design, Japanese technology and German engineering.

Priced at RM36,862 and RM37,717 for the CV6 and CM8 respectively, the CV6 is typically a 5 door hatchback version which is about the same specifications of the Perodua Viva. The CV6 comes with a 1,301 cc engine that gets you 85 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 110Nm of torque between 3,500 to 4,500 rpm. If you want, you can also go for a Premium version which comes with ABS, CD Player and airbags.

On the other hand, the CM8 is typically a 7 seater MPV which comes in 2 variants. It comes with a 1.3 liter engine paired with a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. Being an MPV, the car is surely more spacious and to a large extent more practical. It comes with ABS and EBD, adjustable steering wheels, central locking system and a 6 speaker CD player. One very cool thing about this MPV is that it comes with sliding doors which is not included in many other MPVs around this bracket. So, there you have it, one of the most economical and cheapest solutions around.