Chevrolet gets it right with the 2010 Equinox

Chevrolet recently launched its 2010 Equinox as their answer to the competitors but in a segment hugely dominated by the Honda’s and Toyota’s, Chevrolet might just have got it wrong with the Equinox since it was launched. Having said that, the 2010 version is set to move GM into a different and perhaps more profitable direction. They have since re-designed the Equinox from the ground up and offered more options and inject a bit more character into the car, which has since came under fire for being too similar to others.

GM has taken great efforts not only in re-designing the interior but also ensured that the quality are all better as well. previously, they have came under much flak for offering products which are low on quality and poor designs as well and to make things worse, they have even been called to be unoriginal, which can be quite embarrassing from a company as reputable as GM. This time around, the Equinox showcases their better looking interior with better ergonomics to begin with.

One thing for sure, the Equinox do look way better than many of Chevrolet’s car and is bigger than most of the models in the same segment. The interiors, if you must comes with a more responsive steering wheel, and sound-proofing which is more effective than its previous model. There is also USB connectivity with a sound system which perhaps need a bit of fine-tuning which can be solved through its optional 8 speaker upgrade.

Under the hood, the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder is fitted with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox. This car gets you up to 182 horses but if you are one who needs a lot of power, then you might want to consider the 3.0 liter V6 engine which comes with a 264 horsepower engine while another cool upgrade includes an AWD (all-wheel drive) system.