Chevrolet plans launch of 2011 Orlando

It was reported that GM is planning a new Chevy people mover which is being developed and designed based on the new Global Vehicle Architecture which is used for the new Cruze and Volt respectively. While the other 2 already have launch dates, this means that this new model otherwise known as ‘MPV-7’ would most likely come in the shape of the Orlando.

The Orlando is built using the same concept of Chevrolet Cruze 2011 although it will be about 3 inches longer and a wider front and rear track as compared to the Cruze. The Orlando is expected to replace the HHR and uses the Voltec’s drivetrain. This is what we know so far. GM announced that the production of the Orlando at the recently concluded Detroit Auto Show and as with most cases, 2011 means that come middle 2010, the Orlando would be available by then.

According to some reports, both the row of seats at the back can be folded flat into the floor thereby giving you a whole lot of space while the design of the car exudes quite a lot of European-ness. If Cruze is any example to follow with, which is very fuel efficient then you can definitely expect the Orlando to follow suit.

Some has called in a mini-minivan while other names like small crossover SUV and tall compact wagon have all cropped up. This is probably because it looks anything like an MPV or a SUV which makes it hard to classify. This model will surely sell very well in Europe because the consumers there usually prefer the smaller compact cars and with a 7 seater like this, this might be GM’s way out into Europe since their financial crisis hit. So far, that is about all is known about the Orlando and pictures shown that this could really be a serious contender in its market segment once it is launched.