Chevy “Bumblebee” Camaro lives up to its name

The Chevy Camaro comes in 2 variants, the V6 and the V8 versions. While the V6 version gets you form zero to hundred in merely 6 seconds, the V8 version gets you in 5. To further illustrate this point, the V6 engine is bolstered with 300 horsepowers while the V8 version gets you up to 426 horses. The cool thing about both these variants is that they cost cheaper than cars in the same competing bracket. The V6 for instance is cheaper than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T and is faster while the Camaro SS (the V8 version) is cheaper than the BMW 135i and is definitely faster than the Mustang GT. To top it all off, it handles better and is better economically.

In terms of engine capacity, the base version is a 3.6 liter V6 engine while the Camaro SS is essentially a manual transmission 6.8 liter V8 engine with an automatic version being made available but is definitely slower than its manual, evil twin brother. The V6 comes in 3 different versions while the V8 comes in 2. 18 inch wheels comes as standard while key-less entry system, frton bucket seats, telescoping steering wheel and a CD-MP3 autio system comes as standard with 19 inch wheels are provided for the more expensive versions with heated side mirrors, remote engine start and leather upholstery. Steering wheel mounted controls are also included for the higher end version to adjust the Boston Acoustics sound system as well.

In terms of design, a lot of critics believe that Chevy could have done better especially in its interior which although look better than its predecessors, are still pretty much the same old retro-styled design which is of the Camaro. Perhaps a bit more modernization could work wonders for this car, but considering the price and package here, you can be sure that what you pay for performance and fuel economy, you compromise on automation. There really isn’t much on-board navigation system built into this machine, but with its power and performance, perhaps that is what you have to accept. After all, this is a muscle car we are talking about. {mosimage} {mosimage} {mosimage} {mosimage}{mosimage}