Citroën Electric Berlingo to be showed in Hanover

French automotive maker Citroen recently showed off their new electric vehicle, the Citroen Electric Berlingo.


It mirrors the looks and platform of the Peugeot Partner Electric which explains the similar looks and this would set a new standard in the electric commercial vehicles.

Essentially, the Electric Berlingo comes with a flat cargo area above a 2-part battery pack that gives you up to 170km range. For a full slow charge, it would take between 6 to 12 hours while the quick charge function requires only half an hour.

Japanese automotive giant Mitsubishi Motors Corporation designed the motor that comes with a 67 horsepower push as well as a single-ratio gearbox that channels the power to the front tyres. Standards in this new generation of electric vehicle include an electric heating system, eco-driving information where you are informed how much energy the car is consuming.

On top of that, it also comes with a hill start assist system with an ESP system while there are 2 body sizes as well. Citroen announced that they will be launching it in the first half of next year while they are also planning for it to unveiled at the upcoming Hanover Motor Show 2012.