Citroen Lacoste Concept, plus Michelin tyres, this car is all French

Measuring at only 136 inches long, 71 inches wide and 60 inches tall, it is pretty much a cute urban model which, if it gets into production would surely become one of the more iconic cars to come out of France. This seemed to be the trend these days as not too long ago there was the Harley Davidson and Ford collaboration that combined 2 American icons. So it is no surprise that Citroen decided to move towards this direction as well.

With a wheelbase of 91 inches, the open air concept of this mode seemed to be quite a head turner for its lavish livery and its T-shaped roof is used as the frame for a soft top roof which if needed can be inflated. Yes you heard it right, inflatable soft-top roof. Inside the car, Lacoste is mainly responsible for its design to go along with its brand image translated on the seats and in the weave patterns. The Citroen logo is the inspiration here being transferred into real life on its 2 spoke steering wheel and another cool feature here is the fact that you can just hop onto the rear seats from outside without having to open the doors.

Apart from the 2 French brands, they have also raked in another French company by fitting in Michelin tyres to make it an all rounder. Inside the car, you will like the fascia strip on the dashboard that tells you how fast (or slow) you are going as well as icons used makes it quite a fun car to drive. You will also like other distinctive (although not very significant) features like its discreetly placed front and rear lights. The whole idea is its invisibility and the fact that it is simple and fun to drive.