Citroen to join the SUV segment with the new Mitsubishi ASX based C4 Aircross

French automotive company Citroen has unveiled their latest crossover SUV model called the C4 Aircross.


The C-segment hatchback model is set to compete against the likes of the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Nissan Qashqai and the Ford Kuga. According to Citroen, the new C4 Aircross is set to start rolling out in Europe at the end of this year and then introduced to the UK in the second half of 2012 which is designed based on the Mitsubishi ASX compact crossover model. This is similar to the initiative which was seen with the Citroen C-Crosser which was developed over the Mitsubishi Outlander platform.

This would be a new addition to the current C4 range which is built with the HDi 110 engine paired with the 6 speed manual transmission gearbox and is known to be one of the first models which comes with low CO2 emission. Apart from that, it is also built with the 4 wheel transmission system which is typically an all-time 4WD system while 2WD mode is available as and when the drive desires. The Aircross is 4,340 mm long, 1,800 mm wide and 1,630 mm high and comes with a 442 liter bootspace and a panoramic sunroof which gets illuminated at night, which is a really, classy touch.