Controversial ‘hot’ advertisement by Renault Twingo banned in Italy

In what was seen as a controversial move, Renault recently released a television advertisement which drew quite a lot of attention (both positive and negative to say the least). The advertisement was to promote its new Renault Twingo and this was seen as one of the cars meant for the women drivers. While there are certain models out there which seemed to be made for women like the recently launched Perodua Mivy Limited Edition (in pink), Renault went a step further when they rolled out the advertisement, depicting lesbians as well as a bit of ‘scenes’ which might not go too well with the conversationalists.

In the advertisement which was meant for the Italian market showed a bit of flesh and a bit of lesbian action which the Italian media felt was too ‘hot’ for its audiences. Hence Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy banned the commercial. Berlusconi if you haven’t already know is also one of the major media owners in Italy and many are saying that it is more a political move which might garner him some mileage instead of a moral one. After all, Renault Twigo has already been there, done that before.