Cooper comes up with revolutionary Mini-E (Electric)

The car runs mainly on electricity which is powered through its battery, and are in its trial phases where it is now being used by VIPs and government departments and agencies in the mentioned countries. Australia could be next to evaluate this car where the BMW branch there have submitted a request to the head office to have their revolutionary Mini Es being tested.

One thing for sure, the Mini E comes at a time when electric cars are very much demanded and where hybrids are starting to make headways not only in the more ‘developed’ countries but here in our regions as well. One thing for sure, the carmaker has yet to get itself ready to launch the Mini E in a big scale unlike the others like Smart, Mitsubishi, Toyota and recently Nissan. And once they do, it will be significant.

In terms of looks, this car looks typically like any other Cooper you would have seen, hence there really isn’t much to shout about. The distinct contrast of yellow around the wheels, top and the side mirrors though would tell you that this is surely a different version. In fact, if you are driving this car, it tells volumes that you are not only different, but unique.

Electric cars were only previously used as golf carts and such and this would revolutionize the automotive industry altogether. Otherwise, you could spot electric cars which looked like they came from outer space. The one big difference here is that this car could only sit 2 people because the back seat has been taken off to put in the battery. This is very impressive as it gets you from zero to hundred in 8.5 seconds and gets you up to 150kW and 220Nm of torque.

Regardless how you see it, electric cars are not entirely meant to accelerate in the first place so don’t put your hopes too high on this one. The Mini E surely is meant for those who like style and design and yet have that love for the environment.