Datsun to launch comeback in 2014

Remember when you used to take your rides in the ancient Datsun 120Ys?


Those days, the car that bore the Datsun name was already considered to be quite old and now news has it that Nissan is planning to bring the brand back to life. And this is going to happen to Indonesia which will be the first to enjoy the entry-level vehicles in 2014.

Reports claim that Nissan is looking to roll out 300,000 units of the Datsuns which will be in the emerging markets like Russia and India apart from Indonesia. Of course, you would not be expecting them to re-make the 120Ys as Nissan will be tailoring the brand for the specific needs of the particular market. Although Nissan has been making state-of-the-art technologies for their current fleet of vehicles, you should not be expecting them to put them into the Datsuns.

This though does not meant that they will be compromising on anything else as they will be made to meet the safety standards while using inexpensive material to produce them. Datsun cars are known to be highly economical, practical and easy to drive, very much like the old Proton Sagas and the Nissan Sunnys during their earlier generation. No news of expansion to other markets but if it does well, then surely Datsun is set for a bigger comeback than planned.