Demand among yuppies in China see surge in mini-SUVs and entry-level luxury cars

When it comes to the automotive market, the branded and expensive ones are always encircled around the Middle East countries. However, recent reports have suggested that the China market is coming up and it is fast and furious.

The young and urban professionals in China are among those who are demanding for the best cars. Competition there might be high and not everyone can afford an expensive car but that will not stop carmakers from streaming their new models into China.

According to dealers in Hangzhou, the yuppies are looking for smaller crossover sport utility vehicles or entry-level luxury car models. This means that the likes of the Audi A3 or the EcoSport from Ford would well suit that target segment.

The underlying demand from this group of professionals is that they want something different and not be confined to the usual models. This was seen in the sales of the EcoSport by Ford which has been garnering some of the top sales in the market since the start of the year. More evidently, the Beijing Auto Show saw most of the carmakers introducing their mini-SUVs and some entry-level luxury models which will surely sit perfectly with the ongoing demands from the young professionals there.