Don’t write me off yet, I can still win title – Schumi

Since joining the F1 as a full fledge team, Mercedes has yet to win any races since the competition started in Bahrain, Australia and Malaysia with Shanghai coming up next. His team mate, fellow German Nico Rosberg has been more impressive than him where he did actually finished on the podium once. The winners in the last 3 races came from Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull Racing.

Schumacher meanwhile has been struggling to finish races either through the problem of his own fitness or the reliability of the car to push to its limits. He has however managed to finished within the points where he currently is tenth with 9 points. The leader of the table is Felipe Massa of Ferrari who has 39 points.

He said "If you take the points system and you see that like Fernando, he had a retirement in Malaysia (and) for whatever reason it can happen to all of us. I had mine in Malaysia and at one point of the season it will hit the guys fighting for the Championship. So if we have a quick enough development speed, there is no reason why we cannot fight for Championship. It is such a long season ahead of us, it is so early, and we know how quick the rate of development is. There is good potential to develop this car so no reason to think this season is over for Nico or myself. In terms of results, they were not as great as some people expected and even myself I would have loved to have better results, but the competition is high. It is natural to not have the same positive feedback in the media, but I know what I have been doing, I know what has been going on and I have no reason to be disappointed. I still feel very happy and if other people don't like it or not, that is their choice."