Dr Mahathir, advisor of Proton gives his thoughts on the current landscape for the carmaker

He said that the fact that the company did not rely on assistance, unlike the giants like GM, Chrysler and others makes it a bigger achievement. He said that it performed better despite not being the top selling car in the country any more where it showed an increase in profit for the first quarter compared this year compared to 2009. He contributed the success to the managers, engineers and employees of Proton who were dedicated in producing cars which were well received by the market.

He also called on the employees to start acquiring new techniques and technologies so that they could produce better quality cars where they will be able start looking at expansion and penetrating markets like Europe where high quality and standard cars are required. Overall, he said that he is happy with the company’s performance from the time the company started when they could not dream of producing sophisticated cars.

He also commented that the proposed collaboration between Proton and Perodua was a welcomed move although it might be e complicated and difficult process as it involved 2 separate companies from different background and countries and the issue or sharing trade secrets could be a deterrent.