DreamEdge to build next national car

Much has been spoken about the new national car since the PH government took over in 2018. From an initial target of launching the new brand in 2021, it has been reported that it will be delayed by another year to 2022.

High investment

According to reports from the market, the projection for the investment of a new national car could breach RM1 billion. The company is entrusted to see this project through is DreamEdge. The project lead has said that at least RM600 million has been allocated as the start-up cost at the initial stage but once it matures, this could see costs hitting RM1 billion. The numbers were released by a research report by Affin Hwang Investment Bank.

Targets and Plans

The new national car developed by DreamEdge is targeted to roll out 3,000 units per month in the first year. This is quite a modest number considering it is about 36, 000 units annually. At the moment, DreamEdge is currently seeking out funding for this project. DreamEdge announced that it will be releasing the working prototype in mid-2020 which is quite soon. Once that is done and the green light is given, full production should happen by Q2 of 2020. This came about after an initial announcement that it would be a year earlier.
According to the report by Affin Hwang, the prototype model will be a plus-sized B segment sedan and not C-Segment as reported earlier. Other specifications known to date include coming with either an internal combustion engine or a hybrid powertrain. The national car will be built by a manufacturer which many believe could be Perodua. DreamEdge is responsible for the design concept and development working closely with Daihatsu. It has been made clear though that the car will not be a rebadged version of Daihatsu like how it was done by Proton and Perodua previously.