Ecclestone wants a New York F1 Grand Prix

Ecclestone said “I’m trying for 2012, opposite Manhatten in New Jersey with skyscrapers in the background. Fifteen minutes from the centre of New York to the circuit. (It would be) a wonder.” He also added that Flavio Briatore, the former Renault boss might be making a comeback into the sport. He said that “I think he could take up a role in the promotion of Formula One.”

Whether or not F1 gets to USA remains to be seen but if past records are anything to go by where numerous attempts to bring the sport to the country where it could greatly benefit from the millions of car racing lovers are, then it might not be such a great investment after all, unless it is a street race right smack in the heart of New York City along Times Square and such, now that would be quite a race.