Eclimo looks to roll out 40,000 of electric scooters annually

One of the country’s most revolutionary company that manufactures electric vehicles, Eclimo Sdn Bhd has announced that they are targeting to rollout 40,000 units of the ES11 annually. The new scooter was recently launched and Woo Kok Boon, the director of Eclimo said that they are ready to start selling the scooter as they are currently waiting for JPJ’s approval.

He was speaking to the media at the launch of the new electric scooter by Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui, the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water and Woo said that they are hoping to get the approval in one month’s time. The move would be in line with the government’s move to encourage more participation in hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles.

They are targeting the new scooter to the younger crowd and student population and this came after the recent amendment to the Road Transport Act to allow electric vehicles to be used on the roads. While most will be skeptical about the lithium-ion battery pack, the company will be providing 5 years warranty for the vehicle as well as a 3 year warranty for the battery.

Datuk Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, the chairman of Eclimo said that they are confident that the scooters will be a hit among the segment as it uses superior technology in the energy from the battery pack which are more efficient and superior as compared to lead-acid batteries. They have also finalized some packages with banks and related parties where one can own an electric scooter from as low as RM199 monthly and that is without having to worry about fuel prices.