EDO Competition changes Enzo altogether. What a car!!!!

Therefore it is no wonder that this car is now super-fast as the new additions is boosting out a crazy and out-of-this-world 800 horsepowers at 8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 780Nm at 5,800rpm. Translate that into acceleration power and you get from zero to hundred in 3.2 seconds (almost Formula 1 time), zero to 200 in 9 seconds and to 300 in 19 seconds. If you are still wondering at this point, this car top speed at 380km/h which means you have more than enough time to get there, which also means that you will hit the top speed in less than 1 minute. Think about that.

What Edo actually did was to upgrade the original 6.0 liters to 6.3liters and then boosted its horsepower from 660 to 840 with additions of the other fittings as mentioned earlier (like camshafts and such). Apart from that, they have also reduced the weight of the car which altered the performance of the car considerably much. By reducing up to 200lbs of the original weight which included replacing the original driveshaft with more formidable but lighter versions as well as changing to an adjustable suspension system, this they were able to give you a totally different Enzo altogether.

Of course, looking at the pictures below, you will notice just how much they have changed the looks of this car giving it almost an entirely new personality altogether. In fact it kind off looks like a new model with a little resemblance of the older FXX though. Around the car is where you will find new fittings like a relocated exhaust tips as well as LED tail lights. The most significant thing here would definitely be, apart from the Prancing Horse is the ‘Edo Competition’ emblem which will strike fear to anyone trying to out-race you.