Eterniti Motors – a new luxury car brand to debut next month

The upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show is set to see many new models, concepts and whatever not and one thing for sure, it is the place for the automotive giants to strut their stuff and flaunt what they have to offer.

Apart from new upgrades and generations, a new brand will also be ‘born’ there.

London based EM or Eterniti Motors will be a new brand to join the automotive world where they are looking to build luxury and exclusive vehicles. Their vehicles will reportedly come with specially hand-crafted interiors where speculations are rife that the first model to make it into this world is one called the ‘Hemera’ which is Eterniti’s luxury SUV crossover said to be around £150,000. This segment would be the first for Eterniti as well as for the market where they are targeting to roll out 100 units
annually where the demand for such vehicles in the emerging markets would be their success factors.

No technical specifications have yet been released but it is believed that Eterniti will be sourcing and collaborating with other manufacturers although the design and performance are mostly self-developed. They are also planning for a supercar next which will be designed from the ground-up.