Euromobil targets 1,000 Audis sold, DRB-HICOM to consider Fiat distributorship

In 2009, Euromobil rolled out 465 units and that figure is expected to increase. In fact, Datuk Nik Hamdan said that Euromobil is confident that they will be able to roll out some 1,000 CBUs (Completely Built-Up Models) of Audi vehicles this year, far from the figure which was given by Audi which is at 700. This is attributed with the fact that the demand for the A4 Sedan and the Q5 4 wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) have been promising and overwhelming. This he said that is where they plan to “Do the CBUs right to the maximum level before we embark on the CKD (completely knocked down) business to become No. 2 or No. 1 in the premium sector,”

Euromobil will also be expanding its network of 3S centers in Malaysia. Short for Sales, Service and Spare Parts, another center will be launched this month in Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Euromobil is confident that the customers’ confidence will be set to be enhanced with the backing and experience of DRB-HICOM. Datuk Nik Hamdan also said that the company is considering applying for distributorship of the Fiat brand and that the decision will only be made once the company completes its restructuring with Chrysler, of which they bought a controlling stake recently.

The Fiat brand was brought up after it was reported that Torino Motor Industries (M) Sdn Bhd who was the exclusive distributor of Fiat cars has since given up their distributorship and so far, Nik Hamdan said that they are not sure who will be appointed as the new distributor and DRB-HICOM has not been involved in any talks. Torino has been a local distributor cars for the Italian brand since 1992 where their distributorship ended last year.