Fancy a race on the Nurburgring? Castrol could take you there

If you had always thought that you have the racer’s blood in you and that you were somehow born to race, then this might interest you. Castrol recently launched the Castro EDGE Experience Nurburgring challenge where anyone, yes just about anyone would stand a chance to race in the real Nurburgring track in Germany. If you have what it takes that is. If you haven’t already know, the Nurburgring race track in Germany has a long history of reputation and comes with an alter ego of the ‘Green Hell’. It is a very taxing track with a lot of straights that allow for high speed racing and some corners that takes the skills off any driver.

Well, how do you get there then? First you must go through 4 stages of contest if you are to stand a chance of getting to Germany. The first stage which is set to run from December 13 2010 to January 2 2011 is where you will need to answer 5 simple trivia questions. You must first register yourself at [url][/url] and then answer the questions online. Easy enough? Then you will proceed to the next stage which need a bit more work.

On the second stage, you will need to write a slogan. Your slogan must answer the question “Why Your Car Needs Castrol EDGE?”. Once you have come up with your best slogan, you will then have to share it with your friends in Facebook. The top 30 best slogans will be selected and will qualify for the next stage. You will have to do this between January 3 to January 16 2010.

If you make it to the next stage, you will then have to put in your creative hat. This stage will run from January 17 to February 13 where you will have to create a review based on how Castrol Edge made a difference in your driving experience. As mentioned, use any medium you feel will tell your story the best, whether it is a video, a slide show, a comic or whatsoever as long as it is creative because this will determine if you will make it to the finals where 16 best reviews will be selected.

In the final stage, you will slug it out among the 15 others at the Castrol EDGE Nurburgring-Sepang Challenge and stand a win to the ultimate price of manning a BMW M3 in the real Nurburgring. This challenge is open to all Malaysians with a valid driving license. So join now and you could be the winner that gets a 2 day driving programme in Nurburgring which will include slalom training, guided laps, drifting and many other goodies at the Green Hell.