Ferrari backs down and will use ‘Ferrari F150th Italia’ instead of ‘F150’ after lawsuit from Ford

Italian supercar maker Ferrari has decided to back down from the recent fiasco involving the name of its new Formula 1 car where GM (General Motor)’s Ford has disputed that the Prancing Horse had ‘stolen’ their model name. Ferrari had called their new model the F150 but Ford claimed that Ferrari had violated the trademark of their F-150 pickup truck’s brand. They have since filed the lawsuit with the Detroit Federal Court.

Ferrari, however has backed down and decided that their upcoming F1 car would be called ‘Ferrari 150th Italia’. They have intended to use 150 to commemorate Italy’s 150th anniversary of its unification and will continue to celebrate the event with the ‘new’ name. In their defence, Ferrari had claimed that they had not used the F150 commercially and hence would not have violated any trademark. According to a statement released by Ferrari, they cannot understand why Ford is making a fuss out of the issue as they have not marketed or used the ‘F150’ tag name for any commercial purposes. Therefore, to ensure that no further dispute continues as well as for good faith, they will no longer use the ‘F150’ name but will now go full force with the ‘Ferrari F150th Italia’ tag instead when the team hits the track in Bahrain next month.