Ferrari California meant for everyday driving now available in Malaysia

This is the one supercar designed with the objective of everyday driving. That means, the size of the car is made for normal roads, an open top, which takes only 14 seconds for the cycle to complete and comes with either the 2 seater or the 2+2 seater. And if that is not practical enough, you can also get the one with a Ferrari baby car seat attached complete with its own Sabelt UK harness, talk about starting them young.

This machine comes with a 4.8 liter V8 engine, the gasoline direct injection and the 7 speed SMG gearbox fitted in where you control through the dual clutch steering wheel mounted F1 style paddle shifters, this car has all the DNA of a typical Ferrari with the whole family in mind. It also comes with F1-Trac traction ctonrol system as well as Brembo brakes suited with Carbon Ceramic Material discs. Such qualities here mean that you get the speed and performance as and when you need it, after all it boosts 460horsepowers at 7,500rpm, getting you from zero to hundred in 4 seconds.

Somehow or rather you might be intrigued to know why Ferrari is looking to target the practical drivers’ market when they could just maintain their premium status of supercars, but it is refreshing though that finally there could be one Prancing Horse car which can dwell among the commoners and yet stand out majestically. After all, it is a Ferrari, and however you turn it into, it remains as one. And at RM1.7 million, practical or not, it is still a premium priced car.