Ferrari Four – A new practical sports car coming to Geneva

Italian supercar Ferrari has released images and some news about their upcoming FF or better known as the Ferrari Four V12. This upcoming model comes with a long bonnet with the Four being used to name the vehicle which will be explained shortly. The front bonnet is long enough o house a very powerful V12 engine and this is quite a deviation from its usual rear engine powerhouses. This is just the preview and more information will be released once the FF is uncovered at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

In case, it is not obvious enough, the Four here refers to four wheel drive and four seats which means you can sit 4 passengers pretty comfortably. Tagged by reviewers as the most practical and versatile Ferrari ever, (far more than its California), the Pininfarina designed model comes with a new persona which kind of revolutionizes the all sporty Prancing Horses. For starters, this ‘shooting brake’ model now is sporty and yet practical.

It comes with a lightweight four wheel drive system and the company’s latest magnetorheological damping system. Manga what? You might ask, well this is typically a transaxle dual-clutch Formula 1 transmission gearbox and they have been very generous with the space in the cabin with this one too. This means that apart from seating 4 adults comfortably, it also has luggage space which makes everyday driving possible.

Under the hood (in front, we must repeat) is a V12 engine and the 4 wheel drive system boosts out 660 horses through its 6.2 liter direct injection engine. Its 4 wheel drive technology too, named the 4RM is also a first for the Prancing Horse because in keeping true to its light-weightness is 50 percent lesser than the usual 4 wheel drive technologies out there. The engine gets you from zero to hundred in merely 3.7 seconds with Brembo supplied carbon-ceramic brakes, also one of the latest technologies.

Naturally, they are looking to target the customers who wants to drive a Ferrari for city driving, for shopping, getting around in the day on the roads instead of just limited to the highways and tracks. In terms of cabin and boot capacity, it comes with 450 liters which can further be expanded to 800 liters. They will be providing an array of optional accessories and equipments for the FF which include colour choices and such.