Fiat 500 to extend family tree with 500L 5-door with 7 seater coming soon

According to reports, the iconic Fiat 500 is set to grow in its product line where they are planning to roll out the 500 L (as in Large) pretty soon.


This will essentially be a 5 door hatchback model where they have aptly called it the L-Zero where it will be put on show in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show soon. The 500L will have a similar front design as that of the current fleet while it will be wider in size, where it will borrow from the Punto design.
In terms of length, it will be 60mm longer than the current version and they will first start selling in the European markets this coming July. After that, a 7 seater version will be launched 2 months later where it will be slightly longer than the 500L.

No confirmation about what will the powertrain be but speculations have it that will most likely be the Fiat TwinAir turbocharged 900 cc, 2 cylinder engine which comes with 85 horses while they might also fit in the 105/77 horses 1.4 liter petrol version. As with most cars for the European market, there would most likely be a diesel model which will be the 1.3 liter version that boosts out either 75 or 95 horses respectively. With plans to discontinue the Fiat Idea small MPV, the new 500 7 seater would most likely be the answer to the competition where it will roll out through its Serbian based plant in Kragujevac.