Fiat collaborates with Breast Cancer Foundation with 250 units only ‘Fiat 500 Pink Ribbon’ edition

If you are one who is modern and cool and is socially responsible, then the new limited edition of the Fiat 500 might just be the right car for you. Named the Fiat 500 ‘Pink Ribbon’ edition,


This is made for the US market in a collaboration effort with BCRF (the Breast Cancer Research Foundation) where there will only be 250 units of this being produced.

The company will be committing a minimum donation of US$50,000 to the cause with US$1,000 of each car sold being donated to the foundation. The ‘Pink Ribbon’ edition is designed exclusively for this campaign and it is built on the 2012 Fiat 500 Lounge platform and will come in 2 colours, namely Argento and Bianco which are silver and white respectively. There is also the light pink ‘ribbon’ nicely embossed on the body of the car while pink accents are built into the black interiors.

Basically, the light pink accent is seen around the car although it is not too contrasting to ensure that the Italian style and design are maintained. The engine is pretty standard here where it is powered up through the 1.4 liter MultiAir engine that comes with 7 airbags and the TomTom Navigation system.