Fiat Panda 2010 set to continue good run of sales

Like it or not, the Fiat Panda has come with some very good sales record. Since it was launched in 2003, it has already reached its 1.5 million mark and this car is definitely not like what its name suggest. One thing for sure, it is not fluffy, cute and endangered. To begin with, the people at Fiat has since injected some new changes into this car although they are not very drastic.

Currently, the Panda comes with some strong reputation being the second best selling car in Italy 2 years ago where almost 170,000 units were sold ahead of its competitors the Toyota Yaris, the Opel Corsa and the Ford Fiesta. That year, the top selling car was also Fiat’s own Punto which reached the 220,000 mark. With that, Panda too made its mark in fourth in Germany falling behind the VW Fox, Toyota Aygo and the Smart ForTwo.

The thing about European cars these days are its CO2 emission and this one measures at 113g/kilometers in its 1.2 liter petrol engine that gets you up to 69 horsepower. It has been given a new look where the they have given the body a new coloured grille, new alloy wheels and 4 different colours. The Panda also comes with various engine choices in Europe where apart from the standard petrol version, it also comes with others like diesel, LPG and natural gas. This will get you around 54 to 100 horses respectively depending on which version you are looking at.

The original Panda was introduced back in the 80s and was intended to be a basic car, stripped down and easy to maintain. In 2003, Fiat decided to stop production of the Seicento and the Panda was used as its replacement. This version now comes with airbags all around, Stability control and ABS in all models. Some of its editions include the Fiat Panda Jolly, Fiat Panda Luxury, Fiat Panda MultiEco and Fiat Panda Tanker. Think about that.