Fiat to continue good run with new Fiat Punto Evo

Fiat launched the new Punto Evo at the Frankfurt Motor Show which is set to boost the sales figures for the company who since Grande Punto has been on the rise after some bad models caused the company to suffer in business. The Grande Punto helped due to its better quality models and has since helped the company in more ways than one and the new Evo will set to continue this upward trend. It is about 160 inches in length where Fiat has included new looking lights in the front and the rear while giving the bumper and front grilles new designs as well.

The car comes with a few trim levels where diesel and petrol engines are obvious choices while there would be a 1.4 liter MultiAir gasoline engine set for the American market. there would be 2 main variants namely the 1.3 MultiJet and the 1.4 MultiAir models and as with most European cars, the CO2 emission would be a big factor where this engine has been tuned to give about 10% more power and drops CO2 to about 10% as well.

Fiat also announced that apart from the diesel and petrol versions, they will also be producing the hybrid methane and LPG models as well which means that the Punto Evo would become the most eco-friendly range vehicle around. They have also put in economy into heavy consideration where they have fitted in a fuel-saving start-stop system as a standard fitting in all models. This is where the engine will stop the engine when you car comes to a standstill which helps to save energy and fuel while they have also bundled in Fiat’s revolutionary Blue & TomTom infotainment system as well.