Fiat turns back the clock with the 500

Known as one of the most ‘iconic’ car, the Fiat 500 is modeled from its original version which was first introduced more than 50 years ago. Marketed under the umbrella of Torino Motors, this model is now available here in the country and you will find that Fiat has spend a great deal of enhancements from its original look. Of course, the main thing about this car is its ‘roundness’ and hence this has become its center of attraction. One thing for sure, the original intent of the 500 has not changed with its personality of being cute, small and essentially 2 door you can expect way much from this car than you can actually imagine. It now comes with a standard 1.4liter fuel-injection engine with an automated manual transmission gear box. This is known as AMT which is a similar gear shifting technology used in most cars today. The 5 speed transmission allow you to shift the gear as and when you like or drive it like an automatic.

The Fiat 500 comes standard with ABS and ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) all fitted nicely within its small frame and yet you get a whooping 100 horsepowers in this cut wonder. Inside the car, although it might look a bit stuffy, but fit 4 adults inside and you can all have enough legroom to be comfortable enough. The thing about this car is that, due to its circular design, you will find that most of the buttons or switches follow a similar pattern to give you that overall personality for the car.

This car is cute and fun if you are one who likes to draw attention, after all, it costs around RM140,000, so for that price and the size, this is one car which is definitely for those who can afford and yet don’t mind compromising on elegance. This is because, well, for the same price, you could easily get your hands on any other car really. The Civic Sedan for instance costs less than this. The Accord is somewhere in the same bracket while for a little more, you can get the Stream or the CRV.

The car was first shown based on the ‘3+1’ concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2004. It will eventually go on to win the ‘Car of The Year’ for 2008 which definitely say something about the Fiat 500. You can surely imagine that with the accolades and tradition that Fiat so well preserves, this car is a ‘looker’ and will be your centre of attraction.