First-ever Subaru AWD Challenge showcases Legacy’s capabilities

Malaysia’s first-ever Subaru AWD (All-wheel drive) Challenge was held recently in Klang Valley. Organized by Motor Image Malaysia, the event was held in Desa Park City where SUV owners had the opportunity to learn more about what their all-wheel drive vehicle could do and is capable of doing.

This event pushed the boundaries and capabilities of Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD-boxer engine which is unique and specifically made to undergo rough terrains and situation. Basically, this event allowed the Legacy to showcase what it can do without having to down and dirty through the various simulated situations created specifically for this.

The dynamics of the challenge was to go through 4 different obstacles which are Cross-Roller, Slip-Roller, Roller-Conveyor and Side Ramp respectively.

As Motor Image Malaysia is the distributor for Subaru vehicles in Malaysia, the models available for the Malaysian market were on display. This includes the likes of the XV, XV Crosstrek, Forester 2.0 XT as well as the Legacy GT.

The Subaru AWD Challenge is quite a popular event in other parts of Asia and this is the first time it is being held in Malaysia. Before this, it has received overwhelming response from the public in countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.