First the Suzuki Kizashi concept, now the turbo Suzuki Kizashi Apex Concept

Suzuki recently showed of 2 of their latest Kizashi concepts at the currently going on New York International Auto Show, first the Kizaashi eco-friendly concept and another one, the evil twin-brother and a performance oriented one, the Kizashi Apex Concept. Anything that has an Apex to its name tells you that it is about peak and that is what this model is all about. Basically, this model is seen as a salute or a tribute of some kind to the motorcycling heritage of Suzuki who has and still is one of the major teams in the sport.

Suzuki is known among many other things for its achievements and developments in the motor racing segment where they have drawn their inspiration from to build the Apex Kizashi. Basically, it is a turbo version of the eco-friendly Kizashi Concept where they have adopted their superbike livery. Perhaps it is meant to justify its aggressiveness as well as its intention of being racing based. But Suzuki would be forgiven for trying to ‘transfer’ their popularity from motorbikes onto their automobiles segment which to many, the Kizashi was originally set out to do. So with this livery and the extra power packed onto the engine, it seems that their intention is pretty clear and there are no 2 ways about it.

It is powered up with a Garrett turbocharger which is equipped with an air-to-liquid intercooler, an electronic boost control, and a control unit calibration for the engine. So what do you get out of all that? Nothing much, just a 275-300 horsepower engine controlled through a 6 speed manual transmission gearbox.

As mentioned, the livery of this concept is ‘borrowed’ from its superbike design theme which si the Suzuki GSX-R superbike. They have also put in customized LED foglights in front and also Yokohama S.Drive 245/35-R19 tires which comes with advanced nanotechnology micro-fiber compound which is made to maximize traction when driving in either dry or wet conditions. The design is then further translated into the insides where they have put in black leather with Alcantara accents (in laser blue) onto its steering wheel and the seats.