Ford brings back the Taurus with more to offer

But now they are back with a bang and the new SEL will surely go on and give its competitors a loud and stern reminder of how it won the hearts of many back then. Since Alan Mulally took over the position of CEO at Ford Motors Company that he felt that the Taurus should be resurrected and this went down very well with the consumers.

Note that before 2008, Ford’s Taurus was not a midsize sedan car and now with the 2010 version, it is way bigger than before. Measuring 5 inches more than the Toyota Avalon (202.9 inches to be exact) and almost an inch more than the Tahoe (Chevrolet), the Taurus looks way better and plusher than you can expect. If you know, the 2008 version was deemed to be too bland and hence, a total new re-design now comes along. You will notice the more muscular and commanding looks the first instance you see it which usually is the case with the headlight itself. Gone are the square and rectangular shapes to be replaced with the more futuristic looks.

Inside the car you will notice more contemporary designs and you will not miss the leather steering wheel which looks way better than its predecessor. On top of that, you will like the radio switchgear and the HVAC controls which are ergonomically placed and easy to use. There will also be an adaptive cruise control system, moonroof, their own SYNC voice-control system, USB and Bluetooth connectivity which will all try to entice the buyer to consider. All in all, this is one nice new machine to begin with for Ford to re-introduce the Taurus to the market.