Ford top chiefs launches new 2012 Ford Focus ST in Paris

And so, Ford announced that they will be unveiling the 2012 Ford Focus ST at the Paris Motor Show where they are planning to launch it as early as 2012 or late next year. But whenever that is, the Ford Focus ST is one model which many are looking forward to mostly due to its 250 horsepower engine. For starters, the design of the car is definitely a looker as it is powered up through Ford’s own iconic 2.0 liter Ford EcoBoost engine. And as most Fords go, handling is surely superior in this one as well.

Apart from that, you will also like its exteriors where the revamped design is more sporty and comes with the new ‘Tangerine Scream’ body theme. Alan Mulally, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford and his counterpart for Ford Europe, Mr Stephen Odell will be launching the new model at the show.