Ford’s F250 Super Duty sticks close to its name

Based on the 2009 version, the 2011 model with give you so much more features as well as some very nice looking cosmetic changes. Rest assure that the looks of it will remain probably because of the fact that this car looks big and angry. It is 6’66’’ tall which is high enough to look down on all those below. At the front, you will like the chrome grille and the headlamps which looks perfectly placed to stare you in the face.

The car is packed with a 350 horsepower under its 6.4 diesel engine and a maximum of 650 lb-ft of torque at 3,000rpm. It is widely expected that the 2011 will come with 2 variants in terms of engine which is the 6.2 liter SOHC V8 petrol engine and the 6.7 PowerStroke V8 turbocharged diesel version. Both of these variants are designed and developed in-house by Ford and are both fitted with its own TorqShift 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox with manual transmission capabilities where the Live Drive Power Take Off (PTO) system are introduced.

You will also appreciate the LCD monitor fitted inside the car where you will be duly informed of what is going on around and within the car like the trip details, fuel consumption and such. on top of that, you will also be given the MyKey an Ford’s Sync systems which are provided by the company themselves. One thing about this car which you must be aware of is that as with many high-powered cars, you can least expect any fuel economy here. Handling is pretty good considering its size and the sheer height of it but as claimed by Ford to be one of the most fuel-economical cars in its class, it really is not. Ultimately, you will like the fact that driving this car makes you feel like a monster gobbling up anything along the way although you would most likely not do that.