Frequent Touch N Go users to get discounts starting Sept

How it will work has yet to be determined but this incentive is set to start from the 1st of September 2009. Generally, users who pay the toll charges using the Touch N go or the SmartTAG system will be entitled to a 20% discount after their 80th time. This is to encourage more drivers to make use of the service instead of using cash.

Some of the questions which were raised was whether or not the discount is applicable to the entire amount payable or only for the 81st transaction is yet to be ascertained. The reason for this incentive was envisioned was because it was always seen that the cash lanes accorded long queues as compared to those with smart cards.

The issue about this issue or incentive is where most users need to know how to determine which is the 80th transaction. No one can, at the moment ascertain how the dynamics can be executed but some of the questions would be if the response is good (judging from the discount, this will most likely be the case), then it might create more congestions on the Smart card lanes. Hence, should there be more lanes allocated to cards from now onwards? The current ratio is about 3 cash lanes to 1 card lane.

Apparently, this is just one of the temporary measure put in place while the study on the toll rates are going on. Perhaps when that is completed, a better or more efficient measure would be in place. But for now, watch this column as more details are released and you will be duly informed.