Future for Proton looks bright with Exora

To begin with, the design of the Exora is one that seemed to garner some very mixed feelings. The thing about this car is that it looks huge. And MPVs that look huge often comes with different reviews. But at this point, the general idea is that an MPV should be huge, ask the Alphard and the Estimas. As mentioned, the Juara failed pretty much because of the fact that it was either too small or just too un-practical. In terms of size, the Exora has more to offer than you can imagine, really.

To say the least, one look at the Exora will give you the impression that it looks like another car that you might know, but cannot seem to point a finger to it. But put that aside and you will quite enjoy the ride in this one. This 7 seater offering from Proton is a great machine with all the accessories built in, but performance wise, perhaps that would need to be improved.

The engine, to begin with is the 1.6 liter Campro CPS engine which boost out 115 horsepowers. Now, in this context, all features considered, this might not be the best possible output for a car this size, hence some feel that with all the research and investments Proton had put in its company, they could at least had given the engine a little more boost and efficiency so that fuel consumption would not come back to haunt them later. Perhaps diesel could have been another option.

In terms of handling, well, again, for the car this size, the handling of the car is superb because of the reputation of Lotus Handling which are pretty much standard among Proton cars these days. So, even when you are seated in an elevated position in the Exora, taking bends and curves would be quite easy and effortless for this car. In this areas, Proton do come up tops.

The car is priced just shy of RM80,000 and in this segment, the Toyota Avanza and the Nissan Grand Livina comes into the picture, but the Avanza is not really known for its handling and performance, therefore you can safely place your bet that the Exora would be the better choice here. The car also comes with a roof-mounted DVD player as well as GPS system. The audio system here plays MP3s as well as BlueTooth capabilities. Cruise control is included in the H-Line variant.

Over the past few models, the Gen2 for instance, Proton has been polishing up its car designs and you have to agree that they have since came up with some exemplary designs of late, hence a step into the Exora gives you an elegantly shaped interiors and one that you will enjoy driving.