Game almost over for speedsters as JPJ to launch the new AES, high-resolution speedtrap cams

To help reduce speeding and accidents on the road, the JPJ (Road Transport Department) recently announced that they will be installing the AES (Automated Enforcement System).


This would most likely be up around late August and once they are installed, speedsters will have it harder to escape the law.

Basically, the AES involves the use of 1,300 speed-trap cameras of which 800 are fixed and the rest portable ones. The cameras will be installed in 831 identified ‘black spots’ which are around the highways while certain state and federal roads will also be included.

The spots were identified by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) and are those that have the most recorded fatal accidents. Having determined all that, about 200 of the fixed cameras will be installed at traffic light junctions and they will cover housing areas as well. Cars that are speeding across 4 lanes and up to 250km/h would be detected and captured by the portable cameras.

The quality of these cameras are quite impressive as well where they have an 11Megapixel resolution and would be capable to capture both image and video footages and once they are snapped, it will be sent to the JPJ and a fine is issued.

To ensure that the camera remains in tip-top condition, it seems that SIRIM has been roped in to recalibrate the cameras periodically which is claimed to be 8 months.