Gen2 gets new look and a better engine too

The Gen2 is one of the more popular 5 door hatchback model where it now comes with leather seats, new steering audio switches and a newly added in multi-purpose container. Since then, it has already gone through a facelift and now another one is up again.

It now comes in 2 colours namely Solid White and Fire Red where it comes in 3 different variants. The High Line variant comes in manual and automatic versions while the Medium Line variant is only available in automatic transmission. Where this is concerned,t he M Line’s engine has been replaced with the Campro CPS engine that gets you 125 horses where its previous model is the 110horses Campro IAFM engine. It is now priced at RM 57,489 while the H-Line versions remain unchanged. This means that the H-Line manual version is priced at RM 59,958 while the automatic version is priced at RM62,938.

Most of the equipments in the Gen2 remain intact with minor changes found in between the previous model and the current one. The M-Line gets you fabric upholstery while if you go for the H-Line you will get leather ones which is pretty much the same as what was provided before. Both versions come with CD player which plays MP3 files where both also get you the steering wheel mounted audio switches. If the previous version is anything to follow by, the other fittings that come with the H-Line but not available in the M-Line would be the auto cruise control and Rheostat dimmer.

Safety wise, the H-Line gets airbags and pre-tensioners for drivers and passenger while M-Line only gets airbags for the driver while ABS and EBD is provided in the H-Line and not in the M-Line. The new face-lifted version is already available and they are planning to roll out some 300 units every month. The Gen2 has been sold since February 2004 and many are expecting this to be the last new design of the car before replacement is made.