Get naughty with new Volvo CKD S60 T4 and T5 from RM220k

The new Volvo S60 T4 and T5 were recently launched by Volvo Malaysia to much fanfare and after much anticipation. This T4 and T5 will make up the 2 variants offered under the new CKD Volvo S60.

For the T5 model, it will be fitted with the 2.0 liter engine which will boost out 240 horses which will get from zero to hundred in 7.5 seconds and top speeding at 230km/h. The T4 is sold for RM220,000 while the T5 is priced at RM255,000 on-the-road without insurance.

For the T4 variant, one would get the 1.6 liter unit which gets you up to 180 horses where it will top speed at 225km/h and takes 9 seconds to hit the century mark. Both the T4 and T5 comes paired with a 6 speed Powershift transmission gearbox. The S60 has been nicknamed as the ‘naughtiest car ever’ where it is optimized for performance. It is fitted with the standard safety systems which Volvos are pretty much synonymous with where one can also enjoy the Advanced Stability Control and Corner Traction Control. The Pedestrian Detection system will activate the brakes to its fullest when detecting pedestrians in front of the car if the driver fails to response to the alerts.