Get ready for love in Paris as Peugeot shows the EX1 Concept

The first impression you will get would be that it looks every inch like a Batmobile, which version does not matter but it surely looked like Batman would be proud to sit in one of these, except that it is an electric car, but a powerful one.

What you get under the hood of the EX1 is that there would be 2 electric motors which are fitted on each axle that gets you up to 340 horses and 240Nm of torque. According to Peugeot, the 2 seater roadster is their offering of a 100% electric car which is one of the first that comes with an all wheel drive while breaking world records in its class.

Apparently, the EX1’s design was inspired by the SR1 concept (which we reviewed recently) and they have put in quite a lot of thought into the aerodynamics which allowed it to perform and break records. Peugeot said that the styling of this car followed the direction of the SR1 where they have incorporated the new stylistic design codes of the company which means you will notice its ‘floating’ concept of the front grille and in its contours.

As for the EX1, they have used a ‘water droplet’ concept to design it which was first envisioned in 1996 when they rolled out the Asphalte concept. Of course, then there is the reverse opening door which leads the passenger into the car while the driver is seated at floor level which pretty much tells you this is all about a sports car. So like it or not, the EX1 concept has quite a lot to offer and if it really makes it to production, then it would surely do well because of the fact that it intertwines green technology, speed and performance. Now that is really something.