Get your cars checked for free from Puspakom this Raya


The festive season is upon us and many of us will most likely be heading out towards the kampong starting next week as the fasting month comes to a close and it is time to enjoy the feasts, the food and the open house celebrations of Hari Raya.

This is a common practice and if you are one of those who would be heading back and joining the ‘balik kampung’ exodus, then you better make sure that your car is in tip top condition.

With the celebrations coming up and such, Puspakom will be offering free car inspections so that you know exactly what you need to do before you head home. This offer is available from August 6 to 24 and will be offered in all its branches around the country. They will be giving your vehicles quite a test where the authorized Vehicle Examiners will be conducting them and it will include the likes of a smoke emission test, a side-slip test, a vehicle identity verification, window transparency check and many others, all of which will ensure that you car is fit to travel for the long distance journey.

Essentially, you will need to contact Puspakom that you want to have your vehicle inspected and you will be given a specific time to bring your vehicle over. So make sure your radiators are working fine as you don’t want to risk having to stop for the boiling water to cool down then.