Get your hands on the 25 units only Proton Exora 25th Anniversary limited edition

For starters, the limited editions come in Pearl White which are only available for these models. If there are any significant changes between this version and the stock ones are the fact that they have put in some very subtle elements which gives it quite a character. According to Proton, they have put in a ‘tiger face’ inspired design in. the front grille are blackened to give it a more aggressive look up front. Apart from that, you might also like the black top and black rears as well.

There are no significant changes to the engine so don’t expect any sort of the widely anticipated turbo charged engine here. But if you are on for the cosmetics and the looks, then the inside would be very nice and welcoming. They are very particular about the 25th anniversary celebrations so the big 25 emblem are embossed onto the headrests of the car. They also changed the seating colour to brown from its original grey which are Napa leathered seats.

The other nice things which they have included into the limited edition are the individual LCD screen monitors for the back passengers with built in USB ports while in front, there is a widescreen, touch screen unit for your entertainment control, navigation system, which also includes iPod, Bluetooth, MP3 playback which also plays DVDs. Priced at RM91,998 which is about RM20k more than the stock version, it might be quite a premium but considering that it is their anniversary edition and the other cool stuff added in, it might be quite worth the money. After all, 25 years comes only once. If that is not enough to entice you, the fact that there is an Engraved Metal Plague inside the car which is signed by none other than the man who made all this possible, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.