Get your hands on the new Pontiac G8 before it runs out

The car was launched 2 years ago and since then the G8 has had pretty good success all around and this time they have returned to give you a rear-wheel drive version that comes with a 256 horsepower, V6 engine. Essentially, this car is suitable for off road driving and particularly great when on ascending roads. The people at Pontiac has since added the 6.2 liter V8 version which is its top of the range version. That would be the one which comes with all the additions which you will appreciate if the standard equipments are not enough.

The base model as mentioned is already pretty well equipped with power and handling already and if you are one who likes the speed and adrenaline, then the V8 would suit you in perfectly. This is where they have totally outdone themselves in terms of performance and such. The base model is called the Sedan while the GT is the same engine that comes in the V8 version while the GXP is the crazy roadster version. On top of that, the car is extremely spacious to begin with. Most reviewers find that the G8 has little discrepancies if not none at all.

The only setback about the Pontiac is that GM, its parent company has recently announced that they will be shutting it down but owners will still be able to get the warranties and service from the GM-brand dealers around the country. If looks are anything to go by, then this car surely stands out among its competitors because instead of looking muscular, it looks macho. If there is a word to depict the new G8 it would be ‘exciting’ because it basically outperforms most of its competitors in its segment although it is a lesser known brand.