Giugiaro first model after joining VW, the Volkswagen Giugiaro Tex Concept

Italdesign Giugiaro, one of the most celebrated automotive design house recently joined the Volkswagen Group stable where both the giants have been working together for many years now. Giugiaro, if you haven’t already known was the design house responsible in bringing us the Proton Emas, the first hybrid model from Proton which is set to be rolled out pretty soon. And since the acquisition, Giugiaro showed off their first product at the Geneva Motor Show in the form of the Volkswagen Giugiaro Tex Concept.

According to Giugiaro, the Tex is what they call the “interpretation of tomorrow’s sporty Volkswagen” which means future VWs’ sporty models will somewhat mirror what you are looking at in these images. The Tex typically adopts a hatchback character integrated with a coupe design. The Tex is currently still in its concept stage and no news on whether it will see through into production but by the looks of what they claimed and how things are, it might just be the future design basis of what the Golf might be like.

It comes with VW’s own Twin Drive hybrid system that allows it to travel up to 35km in full electric mode. The Tex was put on show together with their other concept, the Blue-e-motion powered GO! The Tex is a 4 seater which is only 1,355mm high and 1,750mm wide. At first glance, you will notice that this car looks very much a coupe although it is meant for 4 adult passengers.

For power, the 1.4 liter turbo engine seemed like the ideal set up and it comes with a large rear window with 2 rear spoilers. Paired with a 7-gear Direct Shift gearbox and paddle shifters, they surely know their way around a sporty car. The large window at the back meant that you will be able to access the boot just by raising the glass. They have also ensured that space and ergonomics are maximized inside the car. The key design element in the Tex is that the driver is being ‘wrapped around’ with controls and knobs circling him and within arm’s length. As mentioned, it seats 4 passengers comfortably which means that it comes with 4 independent seats where the 2 rear seats can be folded down for more space.