Good run of performance and style in Toyota’s Prado

Like it or not, Toyota is still going strong with the Prado although that might not be so evident in Malaysia. But if it sells well and gets the people’s attention, then it will not be surprising to find Prado back on our roads pretty soon. This muscle-built 4 wheeler will have you growing in excitement once you know what it can do. One thing for sure, Toyota will not be ready to let loose this segment to the Mistubishis and Hondas as they have put some serious upgrades to the Prado. The 4 wheel drive is Toyota’s latest offering which is very much focused on both handling of on-road and off-road driving. So far, the fourth generation Prado is believed to come with some superior safety additions where it is claimed that a 3 door version might also be in the works. Currently it only comes with the 5 door version while you can also expect that 7 seaters will be rolling off soon.

Some of the features that come with this include keyless entry and key button start and stop system. Space too have been given a boost with this one while a third row are additions which is very much welcomed. One thing for sure, you will like its new design especially with a more aggressive looking front view with bigger grille.

You can expect some ‘old’ stuff here which includes the front radiator grill, the rear swing tail gate and front suspension underpinnings. The new Prado comes with a 4.0 liter dual VVT-I V6 engine which also comes with new side mirrors, projector low beam head lights, reverse camera and others. You can also expect this model to come with VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system, Traction Control as well as 7 airbags around the car. With space and power articulately fitted into this model, it will be no wonder that before long, it will give others like the Pajero Sport a run for their money.