Goodyear holds International Drift Series for the drift fans

This event is surely the best place for you to go if you want to get noticed to move into the Formula DriftPro series. Of course you might not be now but those who are taking part would be. You can expect 40 drifters from the local and international scene to be part of this widely popular sport where 2 cars will take the tar at the same time and will slug it out just barely inches apart to give you the best entertainment possible.

This would be part of Goodyear’s effort to further raise and nurture the local talents in the drifting sector which began back in 2007 when they held the Goodyear Speedfest in Bukit Jalil. It is also to ensure that drifters and speedsters are aware of such programs and to go through the proper channels, like obtaining a proper license for sports like these.

According to the organizers, this event will follow the Formula Drift rules and regulations and Andy Yen, the renowned Formula Drift USA judge will supervise the opening leg together with 3 others from Singapore, Thailand and one from our own home ground. Ariff Johanis Ahmad, Michael Gan, Hanizam bin Hamzah and Azrina Jane Abdullah will be representing Malaysia under the Team Goodyear Malaysia banner.

You will also be able to catch Daniel Woolhouse (aka Fanga Dan) who is the former D1 New Zealand champion in action. He is set to set the stage with his Holden Commodore machine powered by its RB2DETT engine in the Goodyear sponsored Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres.

Pricing of the tickets are at RM10 for the walkabouts and RM20 for the Grandstand for the 12 June session while for the final, it will be RM10 for the walkabout and RM53 for the sheltered grandstand seats if you buy from TicketAxcess.