Government of Malaysia wants more focus on green technology in automobiles

The research and development of green and clean technology must be intensified and this must be done with more investments being injected into producing such vehicles in the future. He said “Perhaps Malaysian companies can collaborate with our universities on R&D and become leaders in developing green and clean technology for the automotive industry,” at the gala event of the New Straits Times/Maybank Car of the Year Award 2009.

Muhyiddin also stressed that the NAP (National Automotive Policy) has given more provisions for consumers in road safety and environmental protection where it provides benefits to companies too which are investing into producing hybrid and EV(Electric Vehicles). This is something which national carmaker Proton has been doing for a while now.

The benefits are extended towards the production of parts like high-tech lithium or lithium polymer batteries which are currently used by hybrid and electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Civic Hybrid and Muhyiddin added that the industry needs to be ‘energized’ and ‘revitalized’. He added that “The industry must focus on operations and its efficiency to reduce cost, increase productivity and sell through proactive and innovative marketing strategies.”

“While used cars serve a need, we note that importers have abused their permits by the under declaration of the value of imported used cars. This practice has cut the legs of the legitimate brand owners and this will be stopped from January 1 next year through the introduction of gazette price for imported used vehicles. The gradual introduction and enforcement of mandatory standards for automotive products will hopefully encourage, rather than deter, the new generation of car makers from China,”

Muhyiddin also presented the New Straits Times/Maybank Overall Car of the year 2009 Award to the new Peugeot 308 Turbo which is currently being sold for RM113,888 OTR with insurance, which is considered to be competitive and affordable while Datuk Dr Ang Bon Beng, the Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor, distributor of Nissan cars and Datuk Syed Abdul Hafiz, the Managing Director of Perodua both won the “Automotive Man of the year 2009” award.